Code of Ethics

Integrity, respect, defence of human rights, operational excellence, meritocracy, innovation and collaboration are the values that tell about us, principles in which we believe and lead the way we and those interacting with us operate.

These values also support us in the definition of an organisational structure, endorsing an internal control and audit system, setting up general principles and practical rules of conduct contained in the Code of ethics as practical operational guideline.

Rating Cribis D&B

Cribis D&B, leading global provider of business information, has awarded Cribis D&B Rating 1 to Polytrade SpA, confirming the highest grade of reliability in a B2B commercial transaction.

Cribis D&B Rating 1 is the best financial performance evaluation level, indicating an Organization commercial reliability only issued to companies constantly maintaining a high economic/financial solidity and virtuous payment conduct towards suppliers.

This important award confirms the Polytrade strength level and guarantees all companies choosing Polytrade as partner, whether being suppliers or customers.

ISO 9001

The Organization Management System of Polytrade SpA complies with the ISO 9001 international standard.

Voluntarily certified since 1998 for the activity of thermoplastic polymers distribution in the Italian market, Polytrade has followed the evolution of the Standard over the years, implementing the continuous improvement culture and paying the highest attention to the customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

The Group’s Leadership intend to express its positioning about the Quality Management System through the Quality Policy document, part of the System Documentation. Making this record public underlines the importance given to Quality awareness at any organizational level.