Growth based on values: customer, quality, continuity

Polytrade was founded in 1994 as Com-Ital group spin off from Pio Nutini’s entrepreneurial idea to initiate an innovative business diversification process geared toward new markets scouting and looking for new sourcing opportunities.

The Polytrade organization operates in the field of thermoplastic material’s supply chain, offering niche brand equity’s solutions supported by technical consultancy assistance throughout the entire procurement process, from polymer’s identification to its delivery.

Our distinctive element is the process continuity’s guarantee: Quality, Product grade, Availability, Engineering Support are our customer service core.

Our organization’s operational philosophy is fully founded on ethics, continuous improvement and trust-based relationship creation with partners as well as highly focusing on IT systems and tools integration.

Our Sales staff know-how, the Customer Service’s problem-solving attitude together with our sourcing and global logistics skills set represent our main company assets.

Polytrade pursues the same group core values: excellence, passion, integrity and responsibility are daily applied for key partners choice: Customers, Suppliers, Collaborators.

Today and Tomorrow!



We are committed to efficiently procure, improving our Clients supply chain by leveraging new sourcing strategies, our technical know-how, the quality of our service along with IT systems integration.


Be the Supply Partner you can trust. Today and Tomorrow.